Self-inflicted Zombie Category (happy to hire paid support)

(Lars Doucet) #1

I’ve got myself into a bit of a weird situation and I’m more than happy to buy a full 3-month support contract just for this one fix as it’s been plaguing me to no end and is likely the fault of my own stupid mistake when setting up the forum.

The situation is I’ve got a zombie category that can’t be deleted, or seen by users, but can occasionally still be posted to:

I originally just gave up and renamed the category “delete_this” (now named back to “uncategorized”) and did my best to hide it, but it seems to be some primordial super-special-please-don’t-touch-this category and I think I need direct surgery to the underlying installation now. I’ve forgotten all the stupid hacks I might have done to it making this probably a little hard to debug by conventional means. I can’t even just switch it back on to visible, it doesn’t let me edit the visibility settings like it does for other categories.

At this point I’d pay for a contract just to get this one self-inflicted bug fixed. I can throw in a tip for prompt support if that helps.

Tried sending this as an email, but and are both bouncing?

(cpradio) #2

Didn’t we ultimately determine this is the Uncategorized category (just renamed)?

If so, it can’t be deleted, it will simply add itself back when you upgrade (or possibly rebuild the container).

The only people who can post in it should be those labelled as Moderators (has Moderator? set to True) or those labelled as Admins (has Administrator? set to True).

(Zack) #3

If it is the uncategorized problem, you can see some more info on my own problem with it:

(Lars Doucet) #4

Sure, I’ve given up deleting it. The problem is that it is now also a secret category (likely because of something stupid I did on the command line trying to delete it), and now I can’t even get back to normal behavior where people can see it.

(Zack) #5

So you now have 2 uncategorized categories essentially?

(Lars Doucet) #6

No, I only have one special “uncategorized” category.
I do have another manually created one called “general”, which behaves normally, if that’s what you meant, though.
If I can just get my zombie category to be visible again then I can just move posts over from general and delete general.

Note the little people icon, doesn’t that denote special visibility settings? But I can’t change them.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

There is no such email, where did you find that email? Try – we’re happy to help live instances in little ways like this.

(Lars Doucet) #8

I think it was my previous self – Gmail auto filled it for me, I must have made the same mistake in the past sometime. Sorry about that! Will email now.

(Kane York) #9

Yeah, you can tell that it’s Uncategorized because you can’t edit the security.

But it has security settings, so they’ll need to be removed with SQL.

(Jeff Atwood) #10