"Send a invite" button in a more visible section of the site?

(hcentelles) #1

Hi all

The “Send a invite” button (site wide, not topic invite) is placed right now in a kind of obscure path, Profile > Invites > Send a Invite. Can I place that button in a more visible section of my site? the header, for example.

Maybe I can use a link to the Invites page (/users/codighorror/invited), but what I want is the button that trigger the “Send a Invite” popup.

Thanks in advance

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #2

There is an Invite button at the bottom of every topic… perhaps you don’t see it here on meta because it requires Trust Level 2, but you should see it on your own forum.

(hcentelles) #3

I know, that’s what I mean with:[quote=“hcentelles, post:1, topic:30839”]
(site wide, not topic invite)

I’m looking for a “site” invite trigger in a always visible section the app, to make more relevant the invites system for my users, promoting more proactively its use

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #4

Maybe a screenshot/mockup of what you’d like?