Send Digest to a particular e-mail address

(Ralf Jung) #1

I would like a digest to be sent regularly to a particular mailing list so that the people on there will notice when stuff happens in the forum. So I created an account for an email alias that initially points to me, configured it to receive a daily digest, and then I changed the alias to point to the list. However, this set-up is not ideal:

Right now, I don’t even know if my setup works at all. It is now 22h since I created this account, and there was no Digest yet. I guess I have to wait another 24h before I even know if I have to start debugging.

It would be much easier, and much less fragile, if there was a setting somewhere to send digests to particular addresses, with a particular frequency - Digests that always include everything that happened since the last Digest was sent. Is this possible somehow?

(Tobias Eigen) #2

I have a similar situation and solved it by using the digest preview, where I grab the digest and send it out via mailchimp every month. Works quite well.

(Ralf Jung) #3

How do you grab it? Do you extract the mail via scraping the HTML, or is there some API for that?

(Tobias Eigen) #4

I use Copy paste to manually grab it.

(Ralf Jung) #5

Oh… no, that’s not an option. Stuff has to work automatically, or I will forget to do it :wink:

(Ralf Jung) #6

The first digest has now been successfully sent to the list, which uncovered another problem: The digest contains a link to unsubscribe, so any list user, and anybody reading the public list archives, could disable this digest - certainly not what I want.