Send Email to User When Mentioned

(Andrew Pautler) #1

Is it not the default behavior to email a user whenever he/she is mentioned in a post? I thought it was, but in our forum we’ve tested using the @ mention function and while you receive a notification in Discourse, you don’t receive an email. Is there a setting in the admin we need to change or something that needs to be set by the user? I looked in both of these places and didn’t see anything.

(Andy Logan) #2

I found this in settings which is what I think you are looking for.

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(cpradio) #3

Just realize that will default it for all new user registrations. To set it for yourself, you must go to your preferences page and it should be in the Email section.

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(Andy Logan) #4

@cpradio I saw that as well, I was thinking the checkbox in settings toggled that setting for users, but I could be wrong. My thinking was that I have this set so it toggles the user box, then they can choose to unset that later if they want. Is that correct?

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

No. It affects only new users. It’s likely that people wanted the setting that way.

If you think that it wouldn’t be rude to change everyone’s settings you can (if you have access to the Rails console).

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(Andy Logan) #6

@pfaffman Understood, existing folks would need to change it themselves, but that setting would be toggled on for new users correct?

(Andrew Pautler) #7

I have that setting checked. I just dug deeper and it appears the emails were skipped because the user ‘was seen recently.’ Any way to change what ‘was seen recently’ is defined as?

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

site setting: email time window mins

Note that changing this to zero effectively removes the “don’t annoy me by emailing me stuff I’ve already seen” feature.

(Harpreet Ayush Walia) #9


How can I modify app->view->email->template.html.erb file using a plugin
…please help me

(Jay Pfaffman) #10

Rather than just customize?


(Harpreet Ayush Walia) #11

It can only change the text , I need to change the html structure of that

(Harpreet Ayush Walia) #12

Please help me in this issue I want to modify the HTNL structure

(Jay Pfaffman) #13

Here’s what I know.

(Harpreet Ayush Walia) #14

already created that plugin there is no handler that is relatedto email functionality