Send emails for Posts in Specific Categories


I recently launched my forum. And I want all users to receive emails for every post made to a specific category. But only a specific category. How can I do that?

Also I want to be able to add specific users to receive emails for every post made in an additional category.

Any help would be appreciated.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2


Yea thats exactly what I did. I have one category set as the default watching, however all users are getting emails for all posts.



Any ideas here?

Everyone is getting emails regardless of setting.

Please help


(Kane York) #5

Did you want the Watching First Post setting?

In Discourse terminology, a site has several Topics with several Posts inside them. This is the 5th post in your topic.


I understand that.

Problem is that all users are getting email notifications for posts in all categories regardless of the setting.