Sending Bulk User Invites

(Adam Nolan) #32

I just sent an invite to 3600 people and it worked fine. The e-mails went out through SES and the server did choke up for a little bit. But it worked. I’ve got about 15,000 I’ll be importing next.

Question for you… every time someone accepts the invitation it notifies me. Because there are SO many people joining, it pushes the legitimate “communication” PM’s out of the window and It’s difficult to hunt them down.

Is there a way to turn off notifications for invitations?

Cheers & thanks

  • Adam

(Kane York) #33

Next time, create a new account just for sending the notifications. :slight_smile:


(Adam Nolan) #34

WOW! That’s such a simple & brilliant idea. Thanks :slight_smile:

Problem solved. :slight_smile:


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Is there any chance we can add a ‘User name’ column to the bulk invite file?

E.g. csv as:, group1;group2, topic_id, name

When I bulk invite users it creates an account and display name based on the email. On occasion it would be nice to have users then appear as Bob Smith instead of ‘myemailnamerulzzz’.


(Jeff Atwood) #36

Isn’t this possible already? Can you clarify @techapj?


(Arpit Jalan) #37

No, currently specifying user name is not possible in bulk user invites. For that we have disposable invite tokens:


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I moved a post to a new topic: Delete multiple users


(Nikesh Balami) #39

“Bulk invites from file” option doesn’t appears on my invite page, what can be the possible solution of that problems.


(Arpit Jalan) #40

Are you Admin on the instance where you are trying to bulk invite? You need to be Admin to access bulk invite feature.


(Allen Lai) #43

I don’t see the option to send bulk invites. Where do I go?


(| full stack virgin) #46


you can go to admin> users > invites

then u can upload your csv file


(Allen Lai) #47

@Rodelio_Lagahit: Thanks! Looks like that feature is disabled for us because we have SSO enabled.

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(Pad Pors) #48

how can an invited user understand if he/she is invited to a particular group in the forum?

and can the landing page for the invitee be the group page rather than the posts?


(Tobias Eigen) #49

you could invite the user to a specific topic that explains it? then add them to the groups as required at the same time.


(Pad Pors) #50

simple & applicable solution! thanks :smiley:

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(Pad Pors) #51

it may be stupid question: is there a way to run some A/B test on the invitations in bulk?

one can use other services such as mailchimp, but then invite links can not be used.
any alternative where the invite links can be used as well?


(Joseph Iwok) #52

How do you get 300 random emails to send invites to please? Need this for my site.

How do you get that large number of emails of potential site users please?


(Felix Freiberger) #54

Just don’t. That’s spamming and illegal in many countries. Even if it is not, it’s a good way to ensure that your emails will never reach an inbox again.


(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #55

Can people opt-out of invites?

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(Alan Levine) #56

I have 80 teachers I need to invite to our discourse site soon (running v1.6.0.beta7); and am testing bulk invite from CSV with single address, and 3rd column topic ID of 948, corresponding to a welcome topic I want them to see

I get the email message with the invite link. I follow the link. I see no kind of message like “please check your email for a login activation”, just the default view of the site with a login link. This will totally confuse my users, as if it looks like nothing happened.

I do get the email though with the link to change a password. I use it, but once logged in, I am just sent to the main index, not to the welcome message.