Sending emails with alias URLs as links?


I recently did a “rebranding” of my site. Moved from an old to However, email providers are blocking me from sending links to because it it considered spam. I checked and indeed my just purchased .com domain is blacklisted for “being new” and will be automatically removed in 30 days (not cool). Anyway, what can I do in the meanwhile?

I see two options:

  1. go back to the old domain, which is not blacklisted, set it up as discourse main domain, and wait out that month. Not ideal.

  2. make that all discourse emails send links to, which is a CNAME alias at nameserver level that redirects to This would be ideal as it respects URLs of posts and pages, which would help branding as well.

Is there any drawbacks to option two? I would like to do that as a solution while I wait that month out. How to do it? Is it a good solution, or will spam filters catch up and add to the spam list as well?

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