Sending out too many emails

(Tor) #1

Today some users have experienced that we are sending out the digest 3-6 times.

Altso i noticed this in the dashboard: Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse:
There are 6 email jobs that failed. Check your app.yml and ensure that the mail server settings are correct. See the failed jobs in Sidekiq.

The app.yml is correct and i have not had any problems before untill now.

Just updated the forum to v1.5.0.beta6 +30

(Jeff Atwood) #2

In English or another language? There were recent changes to localization that resulted in a lot of errors for other languages. What does /logs say in your browser.

(Ruben) #3

I have the same problem on a fresh install. Here are my logs. Seems to be language related, I have activated norwegian language.

Links to some of the errors in my log:

+a few similar ones.

(I realize now that you need an account to view the log, PM me @codinghorror, to get an account if you want to take a look)

(Tor) #4

Still the same issue. I also have the forum in Norwegian.