SEO change to remove additional words from category title?

(Charles Walter) #1

We have users who search for Foro de Inmigración or Foro de Chismes. By removing the word from the title, we’ll be decreasing our chance of showing up for those searches. The individual keywords by themselves will be very difficult to rank at the top on.

I saw a recent change being committed and I’m not sure the ramifications are clear.

I think the problem is that a user does not naturally search for the word topics. But may search for a forum, message board or community.

Ultimately, the admin should probably be able to decide what makes sense for their users in looking for their categories.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

The extra and unnecessary word “topics” was removed, not the word “forum”. That word “forum” does not appear anywhere. Give your categories names that people will search for, if that is the concern. You have complete control over your category names. As well as your site name, etc.

(Charles Walter) #3

Many sites will offer the option for a page to provide a different title tag for seo from the the title that appears in navigation. Context is important.

Since our default language is Spanish, the title format is a bit different. If we were to put Foro de… At the beginning of every category name manually, then that would end up looking bad on the site.