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I found this topic, but without any answer, so I decided to give it another shot :D.

Like in that topic, for SEO purposes, I’d like to use a descriptive title, with more words (around 64 characters). But that title is automatically “grabbed” by %{site_name} and used in several places, like emails, notifications and welcoming messages.

I know that for the emails I can edit the templates and add whatever name I want instead of %{email_prefix} in the Subject, and %{site_name} in the body, but I can’t edit the “From” part of the email as well, which will still be displayed as %{site_name}.

As an example, I used a “Forgot password” email. Here’s a screenshot:

As you can see, I managed to add “Hero’s Keep” instead of %{email_prefix} and %{site_name}, but the “From” part still displays the big forum title. I can’t change that from inside the templates.

Speaking of %{email_prefix}, I saw this topic from Dec '17 which contained a screenshot with an “email prefix” field, which I can’t find anymore. That looks like it could have solved the problem, or at least part of it.

For the welcoming and notification messages, I guess I could use the Text Content to replace %{site_name}, but it’s quite some work to do, especially if we add the email templates on top. Which brings me to my questions: Is there some sort of workaround for this, or is there a fix which I might have missed? Basically, is there a way to separate the title from the rest, so it won’t get used in several other places?

Thank you!

(Felix Freiberger) #2

The :discourse: team doesn’t seem to be interested in chasing the latest SEO myths, so I wouldn’t expect getting an option for that in core.

If you really think this is necessary, your best bet is to develop a plugin that lets you customize the site title, or post your budget in #marketplace to have someone develop it for you.


Thanks for taking the time to reply!

There are a lot of myths in SEO, but that’s not one of them. It’s pretty obvious actually, and a basic requirement from all search engines.

When people search the internet, they search using words / keywords, not site names / domain names (except for brands maybe). A title is also the very thing they see, so it’s not just for SEO, it’s also a good marketing practice. A title can impact your CTR (Click- Trough Rate) in a good or a bad way.

“But you have the meta description for that” - most people don’t read that. Most want to find out information as fast as possible nowadays, and with the amount of competition out there, I believe one would want to make sure that they optimize every aspect of their site as best as they can.

The search engines also use those descriptive pieces of information (among other things), like Titles, to rank websites and offer relevant results matching the users’ queries.

I doubt that if someone searches for “gaming hardware forum”, a forum with the title “Jack’s Hut” or “Homepage” will pop-up. It could happen in very rare cases, but that would require a lot of quality and authoritative backlinks, which is another story.

You can also read more here, and not because it’s written by Google, but because the explanations and examples are relevant and logical, and this applies to every search engine.

Anyway, if there’s no solution for this, then we’ll work with what we have.

Have a great day!