Serbian translation


Hello guys, laast couple days i’ve working on Serbian translation. Is there any chance that i can pull that already translated and test it out as i’m translating it? Thanks in advance :smile:

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

You can setup a development environment (Ubuntu, Mac OS X) and then install and use the Transifex Client for pulling the current translation files.


Hm… don’t know why but that looks complicated… :\

(omfg) #4

That’s how Transifex works

(Gerhard Schlager) #5

Which part looks complicated?


I’ve already have installed discourse, i know there is a way to github hook to get translation but that is not pref way… Could you write small guide preciesly how to do it? Appreciate that.

(Filip) #7

drago je mi da vidim jos jedan srbski! Ja zivim u englesk ali mama I tata su mi od Yurgoslavia. pricam srbski lepo, ali nekad pravim gresku. Srpski prevod će bit jako lepo c:

(Gerhard Schlager) #8

If you want to test the translations in production (= Docker container), you’ll need a plugin like discourse-locale-override and lots of time since you have to rebuild your container every time you want to test your updated translations.

So, I suggest you use a development environment. Install Ubuntu in VirtualBox (or VMWare, …) and follow the Beginners Guide I’ve linked above. It’s not as much work as it looks like! When you are finished with that just install the Transifex client (setup is easy and well documented).

When everything is installed you just need to call tx pull -l <language_code> -f (you can omit the -f parameter for subsequent calls) in your discourse directory. Changes in client.yml files need only a browser refresh. Changes in server.yml need a server restart.