Server Crashed, 500 errors, undefined column

(Justin Gordon) #1

What is the remedy?

The server was giving 500 errors and thus dead.

Rebooting the server got it back up and running.

Version: v1.7.0.beta10 +42

Sidekiq errors:

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped ActionView::Template::Error: undefined method `show_username_on_post' for #<UserNotifications::UserNotificationRenderer:0x007f92eb798328> Did you mean? show_name...

Error Logs

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (PG::UndefinedColumn: ERROR:  column topics.off_topic_count does not exist
LINE 1: ...umber" AS t0_r15, "topics"."image_url" AS t0_r16, "topics"."...
: SELECT  "topics"."id" AS t0_r0, "topics"."title" AS t0_r1, "topics"."last_posted_at" AS t0_r2, "topics"."created_at" AS t0_r3, "topics"."updated_at" AS t0_r4, "topics"."views" AS t0_r5, "topics"."posts_count" AS t0_r6, "topics"."user_id" AS t0_r7, "topics"."last_post_user_id" AS t0_r8, "topics"."reply_count" AS t0_r9, "topics"."featured_user1_id" AS t0_r10, "topics"."featured_user2_id" AS t0_r11, "topics"."featured_user3_id" AS t0_r12, "topics"."avg_time" AS t0_r13, "topics"."deleted_at" AS t0_r14, "topics"."highest_post_number" AS t0_r15, "topics"."image_url" AS t0_r16, "topics"."off_topic_count" AS t0_r17, "topics"."like_count" AS t0_r18, "topics"."incoming_link_count" AS t0_r19, "topics"."bookmark_count" AS t0_r20, "topics"."category_id" AS t0_r21, "topics"."visible" AS t0_r22, "topics"."moderator_posts_count" AS t0_r23, "topics"."closed" AS t0_r24, "topics"."archived" AS t0_r25, "topics"."bumped_at" AS t0_r26, "topics"."has_summary" AS t0_r27, "topics"."vote_count" AS t0_r28, "topics"."archetype" AS t0_r29, "topics"."featured_user4_id" AS t0_r30, "topics"."notify_moderators_count" AS t0_r31, "topics"."spam_count" AS t0_r32, "topics"."illegal_count" AS t0_r33, "topics"."inappropriate_count" AS t0_r34, "topics"."pinned_at" AS t0_r35, "topics"."score" AS t0_r36, "topics"."percent_rank" AS t0_r37, "topics"."notify_user_count" AS t0_r38, "topics"."subtype" AS t0_r39, "topics"."slug" AS t0_r40, "topics"."auto_close_at" AS t0_r41, "topics"."auto_close_user_id" AS t0_r42, "topics"."auto_close_started_at" AS t0_r43, "topics"."deleted_by_id" AS t0_r44, "topics"."participant_count" AS t0_r45, "topics"."word_count" AS t0_r46, "topics"."excerpt" AS t0_r47, "topics"."pinned_globally" AS t0_r48, "topics"."auto_close_based_on_last_post" AS t0_r49, "topics"."auto_close_hours" AS t0_r50, "topics"."pinned_until" AS t0_r51, "topics"."fancy_title" AS t0_r52, "categories"."id" AS t1_r0, "categories"."name" AS t1_r1, "categories"."color" AS t1_r2, "categories"."topic_id" AS t1_r3, "categories"."topic_count" AS t1_r4, "categories"."created_at" AS t1_r5, "categories"."updated_at" AS t1_r6, "categories"."user_id" AS t1_r7, "categories"."topics_year" AS t1_r8, "categories"."topics_month" AS t1_r9, "categories"."topics_week" AS t1_r10, "categories"."slug" AS t1_r11, "categories"."description" AS t1_r12, "categories"."text_color" AS t1_r13, "categories"."read_restricted" AS t1_r14, "categories"."auto_close_hours" AS t1_r15, "categories"."post_count" AS t1_r16, "categories"."latest_post_id" AS t1_r17, "categories"."latest_topic_id" AS t1_r18, "categories"."position" AS t1_r19, "categories"."parent_category_id" AS t1_r20, "categories"."posts_year" AS t1_r21, "categories"."posts_month" AS t1_r22, "categories"."posts_week" AS t1_r23, "categories"."email_in" AS t1_r24, "categories"."email_in_allow_strangers" AS t1_r25, "categories"."topics_day" AS t1_r26, "categories"."posts_day" AS t1_r27, "categories"."logo_url" AS t1_r28, "categories"."background_url" AS t1_r29, "categories"."allow_badges" AS t1_r30, "categories"."name_lower" AS t1_r31, "categories"."auto_close_based_on_last_post" AS t1_r32, "categories"."topic_template" AS t1_r33, "categories"."suppress_from_homepage" AS t1_r34, "categories"."contains_messages" AS t1_r35 FROM "topics" LEFT OUTER JOIN "categories" ON "categories"."id" = "topics"."category_id" WHERE (topics.archetype <> 'private_message') AND "topics"."visible" = 't' AND (topics.deleted_at IS NULL) AND (topics.category_id IS NULL or topics.category_id IN (5,1,3,6,7,8,13)) AND "topics"."closed" = 'f' AND "topics"."archived" = 'f' AND ( NOT IN (18,17,1,2,3,25,28,44,58,61,131,174,330)) AND "topics"."id" IN (104, 92, 134, 98, 107, 129, 142, 118, 114, 111, 224) AND ( NOT IN (18)) AND "topics"."visible" = 't'  ORDER BY CASE WHEN topics.category_id = 5 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END LIMIT 5)
/var/www/discourse/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/activerecord- `async_exec'

(Sam Saffron) #2

Those columns are gone, try doing a rebuild, maybe something did not restart right