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(Kane York) #21

Are you on mailing-list mode? For people on mailing-list mode, that is expected behavior - people expect listservs to echo their message back to them.

(Michael Downey) #22

Actually, no (at least for LISTSERV software) the default expectation these days is for norepo … from

Generally, if a subscriber’s mail program is configured to file copies of the subscriber’s outgoing mail, or if the subscriber has one of the acknowledgment options (ACK/MSGack) enabled, this option should be set to NOREPro. If, on the other hand, the subscriber is set to NOACK and doesn’t keep a copy of outgoing mail, this option should probably be set to REPro.

Disable email notifications for own posts
(Sam Saffron) #23

This can be made optional if someone wants to add a site setting

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #24

Just as an FYI, I think something needs time to propagate in Gmail, between enabling POP3 and sending your first couple of test-mails.

My first test failed, then the 2nd one worked all of a sudden. No changes were applied.

Pro tip: make use of the following Gmail POP setting:

2. When messages are accessed with POP: Mark Example Mail's Copy as Read

I found this really helpful in the very limited troubleshooting I have at my disposal. When you see a new mail in your ( inbox that’s been marked as read, you can confirm that Gmail did in fact access it with POP, so if email-replies are not coming through, the problem probably lies somewhere else.

(Martin Hewitt) #25

Just to add my two cents - I’m using Mailgun with Discourse (because I set up Ghost first, and they mentioned Mailgun first). So, Mailgun doesn’t support incoming POP3, but it does support incoming mail via Routes, so what I did was to register a new GMail account as above, then setup a route in Mailgun to match reply-(.*) and forward it to the GMail account. I then configured Discourse to connect to the GMail account over POP3.

This means the mails that arrive in my users’ inboxes have an suffix to reply to, which is encouraging for peace of mind, and Mailgun still handles all the DKIM etc so the deliverability is still good.

Another thing I noticed when I was testing the reply function is that Discourse won’t send emails while you’re using the site, which is actually an incredibly neat feature, but can stymy testing somewhat. To see which emails have been skipped for this reason, load /admin/email/skipped in your Discourse install. To enable emails regardless of whether you’re using the site or not, in the user preference panel, enable this setting:

(Aaron Makaruk) #26

Hi Everyone,

I just got this working after some trouble, and it felt really good! My issue was I was a bit confused by the placeholder values in the tutorial, but here’s how I finally set it up using the email address: (AKER is our company):

(Kane York) #27

Looks right to me. :slight_smile:

(Dan Wilke-Grimm) #29

I may have needed to do some or all of the following to allow Discourse access to POP to my gmail account:

Uncertain about the security implications but want to share.

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Do minimum length email replies get lost?
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Sorry, know this is an old thread but I wondered if this was a useful addition to the standard Docker install - this is a complete, short exim4 config that turns a system’s email into a mail-to-HTTP gateway:

    # Pick the URL you want                                                                                                                                 
    URL = https://your.incoming.mail/url

    acl_smtp_connect = acl_check_connect
    acl_smtp_rcpt = acl_check_rcpt

    rfc1413_query_timeout = 0s

    begin routers

      driver = dnslookup
      transport = remote_smtp
      condition = ${if or{\
        {eq {$sender_host_address}{}}\
        {eq {$sender_host_address}{}}\
        {eq {$received_protocol}{local}}\

     driver = accept
     transport = post_it

    begin transports

      driver = smtp

      driver = pipe
      command = /usr/bin/curl --fail --max-time 60 --data-binary @- \
      temp_errors = 7:23:26:27:28:34:35:43:55:56
      timeout_defer = true
      log_output = true
      return_fail_output = true
      timeout = 65s

    begin retry
    *                      *           F,2h,15m; G,16h,1h,1.5; F,4d,6h

    begin acl



    begin authenticators   

Basically any email that comes in gets POSTed to a given URL. The envelope addresses are posted as parameters. If your end point sends back a 500, that’s an SMTP rejection. Most other errors hold the email in the queue and try again.

It’s a completely open end point and the web app has to parse any incoming email. But there’s basically no integration to do, email is just a slave to the web application (you still need an MX record of course).

It also sets the mail system up to route locally-injected mail out directly, which was a pain point for me with a previous installation of Discourse - is there a reason why the install insists that email is delivered by an external smarthost? It would seem like one less parameter to ask people to set up.

(no reply necessary, just in case it’s useful)

(colin avolve) #32

Just wondering what other options people are using for reply via email (i.e. to avoid gmail and privacy concerns).

(Matt Palmer) #33

You don’t have to use gmail for mail processing; any mail provider that allows you to access the mail via POP3 (that should be “pretty much all of them”) will suffice. You can host the mail yourself if you like – postfix+dovecot isn’t particularly hard to setup.

(bussiere) #34

How to set up an email and the pop server for a category ?

I’ve put an email in the category setting for my category but i didn’t see anywhere how to configure this email pop setting.

I have made the setting for the general reply by email but didn’t see where to do it for the specific category that i’ve created and the specfici email i’ve attached to it.


(Tobias Eigen) #35

you just need to add a redirect for the category email to what you call the “general reply by email” mailbox. I use google apps and aliases for the reply by email mailbox for this.

(bussiere) #36

Thanks for the answer

(Jp Maxwell) #38

Any thoughts about using mail gun? Mailgun will receive incoming e-mail, strip the response thread out and inject the body via an API on the receiving server.

This seems perfect for Discourse allowing users to easily reply and not having a POP box that has to be polled.

Also is there support for starting new threads using e-mail?

(Andrea Bedini) #39

Mailgun also supports POSTing the raw email message to some HTTP endpoint. Supporting this would go around the “vendor specific webhook” @codinghorror frowns upon. I’m looking to see if it’s possible to implement it as a simple plugin. I don’t have much experience with Discourse.

(Andrea Bedini) #40

Yes, see:

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(Miguel Ángel López Vicente) #42

Any way of set a “fixet” email address reply for a thread? I need automate add replys a thread, but I need know the email address to send the reply.

Any ideas?

I would use IFTTT.

Simple plugin that offers an HTTP POST endpoint to mailgun or any other mail service