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This is very helpful. I ended up going with digital ocean and getting all the way to the “Congratulations!” and no matter what I do I can’t figure out how to get it to send me an email. I stripped my email DNS and accounts from my godaddy run domain, and ended up trying three different services (mailjet, sparkpost, and one other), and for the love of God I’m confused. I finally managed to get all the DNS’s right (I think) and then had it send me an email…but now…low and behold I don’t know where the email goes? Am I supposed to create ANOTHER email account for receiving emails? With mailjet I don’t see any place where replies to email are forwarded?

So…I think I have the digitalocean thing down, but I’m just not able to get past the email situation. Anyone have a suggestion for a REAL EASY email solution. I’m not interested in sending out millions of emails… but even if…I just want the thing to actually let me set up an admin account.

What am I missing?

There are a zillion ways that you can botch up getting anyone to send email to you. When you start in the wizard it will send the email to the address you put when you ran discourse-setup.

Did you try Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install?

Yes sir. (and please be patient, “not an administrator” is an understatement).

That’s actually where I got the different options.

The challenge is, every time I “rebuild” in order to try a different set of SMTP settings, I’m under the impression it isn’t resetting it. Because I never get the option to use the email I entered. I ONLY get the email that I"m using to SEND (in other words, the username that goes with the smtp settings.) The only other option it shows me is: ""…

So first, do I have to completely “destroy” the droplet and create a new on with a new IP address every time I decide to change email settings? That seems weird. What if I want to change email services? So I’ve been logging back into the droplet through terminal and (since I chose the Discourse "app) it automatically prompts me to enter in email and smtp info again…

But when I do that…I still do not get the email address I’ve actually entered as the admin email address…just the one I’m using for sending (currently mailjet) and the ""

Does any of that make sense?

It sounds like you are leaving the admin email address as, which isn’t supposed to happen.

You should really follow these instructions, but I think you can just ^C out of that script.

Well, yes, but you don’t have to rebuild. If you run discourse-setup there is a 5 second delay at the end and you can

./launcher destroy app; ./launcher start app

You’ll see on the line that’s printed whether the SMTP values are what you expect.

Lord no!

You lost me. What do you mean by “never get the option to use the email”? (I suppose you are talking about the admin email you entered?

Edit: I didn’t notice that @pfaffman was also replying. Isn’t that “who else is replying feature” enabled on meta?

He said “droplet” not “app”. So the answer should be no. Or am I missing something?

Hey guys thanks.

Sorry, I realize that was confusing.

Christoph, what I meant was, when I log back in to update the smtp info and admin email address and all of that, it loads, it works, everything is fine. I go to the browser and pull up the site, and it says “Congratulations!” and all that stuff. I click on “register” and then it gives me TWO options to use for establishing my admin account: "" and the “admin” or “postmaster” address I use for sending FROM the site. It does NOT give me the option of using the FIRST email address it prompts me to enter for admin purposes. Which is weird, and has me convinced my problem is not the smtp settings…but I could be wrong.

I’m not able to run “discourse-setup”… when I log in, it begins prompting me to enter my settings, and I’m not able to do anything else…

OK…gentlemen; I really sincerely appreciate your help…but I’m going to have to come back to this tomorrow. This is simply beyond my current abilities, and I have to decide whether I can put any more of my precious brain cells into it.

WAIT: One last thing: My concern is that I could pay someone $99 to install it for me. Super, but then am I still going to have an email issue? Am I still going to have to use something like mailjet or mailmaster or whatever? Are they going to expect me to have that already in place BEFORE they install it?

Sincerest thanks again, and I’ll check this tomorrow.

Be good and be well.

Try hitting CTRL-C to cancel that.