Setting for reading topics from top insted bottom

(Markus) #1

Is there any setting for this use case of Discourse?

I have a lot of wiki topics with continues information… e.g. law cases, definitions, …

I would like to use the first post of a new topic for specific categories as table of contents. Therefore I’d like to start at beginning even after reading all posts.

Any clue how to get more structure / overview in Discourse?

Sometimes it’s pretty annoying inside specific categories, they couldn’t be sorted by topic name. This is a big issue by using Discourse as knowledge base.


(Steve Combs) #2

Each category now has a sort order setting with ascending/descending.

However I am not seeing an option to sort for Original Post Title.

I agree that would be a useful option. Besides Created, seems like that would be a key use case.

Sort topics within category by topic title
(Jeff Atwood) #3

I think he means the topic itself not the topic list.

(Steve Combs) #4

There are two issues here.


I was referencing the second one.

I was actually expecting to see that one on the list. Would be nice for categories that use naming or numbering conventions in the topic title.