Setting to move topic title to header

What is the setting to make topic title move up to the fixed header when scrolling down?

I see it on meta but not on my forums.

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Get latest and deploy it. That’s the “setting”.


Is it recent? I have upgraded just last week…

2.2.0.beta4 +232

Yes, pretty recent as in a day or two ago.

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Is there any option to keep the menu (burger icon) button while keep displaying topic title?

Not at the moment, with it in-place hamburger access means scrolling up a tiny amount as you said.

Judging from feedback most people really like the change, it helps them remember exactly why they came to a topic to begin with. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and haven’t found the tiny reverse scroll to be any obstacle.

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Unfortunately, it’s quite inconsistent in some site.
In some pages, scrolling a bit is enough, while in the others, need to scroll farther, and wait for delay as well (not as responsive as it should be, usually in pages with lots of wall of text)

While I agree that topic title is a nice addition, the burger is good as well, for quick access.