Setting to open topics from the last post for anonymous

(probus) #1

Since this is a genuine use case for us, maybe it’s useful for others or you might have some feedback.

We tend to have long discussions and the most requested feature is to open the topics from the last post for anonymous users. How about a site setting that changed the topic link behaviour for anonymous users to always go to the last post? Even better if this could be set by category.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why can’t they learn to click or tap the activity column which does now directly link to last post… as you requested, and we agreed with?

(probus) #3

They do learn to do it, but it’s not perfect. There are still lot’s of people who open the topic from the first post. Some even scroll every time all the way down. Most of them learn to use the green button. I wouldn’t say it’s the users fault for not knowing how to use the product. But getting to the last post is important on every forum, that’s why I’ve wanted the activity column to be a direct link. I use it myself every day lurking on forums that I don’t have an account on yet or when I don’t bother to log in.

Ours is just a little special where (just about) everyone will always want to go to the last post, at least in some categories. In other categories you always want to go to the first post, say a wiki category composed only of wiki-topics.