Setting up Avatar Flair


quick question (off topic)
how do i set this up on the usercard

Language Changed to Japanese for multiple users

You add the member to a group and then edit the group settings to add an Avatar Flair



thanks man :smile:

(Jose C Gomez) #4

I have setup a Flair for a Primary Group and it works great on Posts

and Profile Hovers

However if you go to the Full Profile View, the flair is not there

It also doens’t show in the Main Category View

Is there any way to show it on these places?


No that I’m aware of, no.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I agree it should show on the user page, at least @neil.

(Neil Lalonde) #8

It will be! I added it now.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #9

Alignment on mobile (Android) is way off cc: @awesomerobot

(Kris) #10

Alignment fix is set :+1:

(Neil Lalonde) #11

I definitely tested on mobile and added css for it. /shrug Thanks @awesomerobot

(Denis Heraud) #12

I’m puzzled as to why flairs aren’t shown on avatars in the latest post/category view on the main page…?

(Neil Lalonde) #13

They would be very tiny?

(Denis Heraud) #14

Given the avatar is the same size, I’m not sure what you’re saying. :slight_smile:

Here is one from a post, and another from the topic list.


(Neil Lalonde) #15

Oh on the categories page. Yes it would fit there.