Setting up cloudflare discourse

is there a way to allow cloudflare to proxy requests I want to do that so I can have DDOS protection because my service provider says “if you are being attacked by a DDOS you’re out of luck”

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Do you have reason to believe you will be the target of a DDoS?

well I hope you understand but I’ve made a lot of stupid decisions online and made some enemies so yes I do have reasons to believe I will be a target of a ddos

Yes,i just temporarily blocked by the Service provider…
Send email It says my website(Discourse) has been attacked by DDOS…
Let me fix it as soon as possible… :disappointed_relieved:

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all i get is this

Here’s our setup:


thank you so much it works now :grinning:


Do note that if you know you’re going to be targetted by DDoSes, Cloudflare will come asking for you to upgrade to a paid plan fairly soon.


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