Setting up default trust level

(Steve) #1

Hi, How would I set up default TL so that no post moderation is required?



Hey Steve,
To clarify – are you wanting people that sign up to be able to post anything immediately without going into a moderation queue?

(Steve) #3

That would be correct. Just like this community.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

That is how Discourse works out of the box, so no config is needed for that.

(Steve) #5

Thanks for reply. Then it must be some updates that I have done, because now new users go into moderation until we approve them. After initial approval, they are able to continue posting. Where / how do I change back to default then? Thanks


If you go to /admin/site_settings/category/trust you’ll see which settings you’ve changed (they’ll be a different colour). There is a reset button to the right of each changed setting.

(cpradio) #7

Also, since it is going into the approval queue, check the following settings under the Posting category too

approve post count
approve unless trust level
approve new topics unless trust level