Setup permissions for topics based on who created the topic

(Justin Smits) #1

I would like to be able to setup permissions for two different groups (P1 and P2). When a user from the P1 group creates a topic, the topic is not shown to users in P2 unless the topic is allowed by an admin or moderator. If a user from P2 creates a topic, everyone in P1 and P2 can see it. Is that a possibility? I do not want to do this using categories.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This can only be done with categories.

(Justin Smits) #3

Do you know if that is something that will ever be added? Is it possible to default users in a specific group to post in a specific category?

(Kane York) #4

You can do something like this by setting up a category, call it “need approval”. Set its security like this:

Category: need_approval

everyone: none                     # hide topics from anonymous users (Google...)
restricted_group: see/reply/create # your P1 - they create topics here
trust_level_3: see/reply/create    # TL3 can change category, so they can act as approvers
staff: see/reply/create            # same as TL3 - staff is approvers

Set the security on all other categories to:

Category: Everything Else

everyone: see/reply              # anyone can post replies to already-created topics
trust_level_2: see/reply/create  # if you stay for 15 days, you escape the moderation box - P2 
approved_group: see/reply/create # manually approved for topic creation - P2
staff: see/reply/create          # failsafe for staff that aren't TL2 yet

If you set your restricted_group as trust_level_0, then you will have the interesting property that P2 can still see topics P1 is creating, but they have a visual indication that they haven’t been reviewed yet.

You may want to lower trust_level_2 to trust_level_1, which allows anyone staying for ~15 minutes to post a new topic in any category. Or not have this system at all. Flagging works very well out of the box.