Setup smtp in discourse


(tonton) #1

hello all
i installed discourse on an azure server and all was configured and setup automatically
i am not a developer so i would only like to setup the general smtp with a gmail account
somewhere in the admin interface and i don’t find where to do it (like i was doing with a wordpress site)
thanks in advance if it is possible

(Matt Palmer) #2

E-mail is configured via the app.yml configuration file, not within your site settings. SSH into your machine, run cd /var/discourse, and then run ./discourse-setup and enter the correct details. Using gmail as a mail relay for machine-generated e-mail is not recommended, and violates gmail’s terms of service.

(tonton) #3

thanks matt for the informations

so i suppose it’s not possible to setup those informations from the admin panel …

thanks for gmail information too

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

That is correct. You should search here for recommendations for a mail server.

(tonton) #5

thanks jay i will, i saw a topic on the mail servers recommended

(tonton) #6

sorry to disturb matt

i managed to connect via terminal on my mac (yes i know it’s not the most accurate way i suppose)

i connected via ssh on my machine

but there is no var directory

i entered an apps directoy

i saw discourse in it,

but when i’m in the apps/discourse directory there is no ./discourse-setup command possible

could you help ?

sorry for those really beginners questions, but i usually don’t use shells and ssh to configure apps


(tonton) #7

ok matt looks like the smtp is in another directory in azure

thanks for your help, i’ll take it from there i suppose !


(Felix Freiberger) #8

Please note that Bitnami-based installs are not supported and regularly cause problems, e.g. when trying to install updates.
I’d highly recommend that you backup your site and migrate to a supported Docker-based install using these instructions: