Several questions from a discourse newbie


Hey there,

I just found out about discourse and now I have several questions about it.

  1. It seems it is not really easy to install it. Im currently using a dedicated linux server with plesk I didnt find any way to install it easily?
  2. Is there any way to implement banners? If im going to use discourse for my future project I will need to add ads to get my money back.
  3. I figured out that some posts seem to appear twice if you reply to a specific comment. I dont know why this is, can you turn this off?
  4. Id like to use discourse in connection with wordpress, just like howtogeek does it. What kind of bridge do they use?

Thank you in advance, this software seems to be awesome, I really hope someone can answer this questions and that I am able to use it for my project :slight_smile:

(Michael Downey) #2

“Easy” is a difficult term to define. If you know how to use a linux server command line, it’s really just a matter of copying & following the instructions.

You can add HTML or JavaScript code at the top and bottom of the pages which may get you what you need. There are also some people working on advertisement plugins, but I think it’s safe to say that most Discourse users/admins don’t want ads on their site.

I haven’t seen this myself … perhaps you can start a new topic about it as a possible bug.

There is a plugin for WordPress that copies new WP Posts to Discourse topics, and links that with comments. It’s pretty solid.

(AstonJ) #3
  1. If your server is already running apache sites, check out my guide here How to set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites

(Tom Newsom) #4

It’ll be the “Reply Expander” you get underneath posts with multiple replies downthread. It can be confusing.


Absolutely right. Actually it is confusing. I mean I love the possibility to reply to a comment instead of replying to a thread. Thats what makes the difference between discourse and classic forums like vbulletin. Those replies should be displayed as a reply only, everything else does not make any sense. I mean I cannot even relate those posts, its chaotic.

(Kane York) #6

Think of the expanded replies like a “sneak preview” - this is what’s coming up ahead!

Yeah, the UI could probably be improved. But people seem to get used to it fairly quick.


But actually it shouldnt be a big deal to only display them as replies. which, to me at least, makes much more sense.

(Tom Newsom) #8

This is getting dangerously close to a flat vs. threaded argument.
(The answer is flat, btw. Or at least it is for Discourse :slight_smile: )

Maybe a UI improvement could go like this:

Click the Show Replies Button on a post
The replies are shown under the post, with a characteristic style
The in-line replies get rolled up into a bar with the same style
Clicking the bar unrolls all the replies and the thread goes back to normal.

I can’t think of a good name for the bar. “Hidden Reply” isn’t really true, neither is “Moved Reply”