Share: customized Chinese Discourse instance

(Erick Guan) #1

The main site is about teaching web technologies. They used Discourse as forum which is heavily customized.

The first looks familiar as a Chinese user.

  • grey body with high contrast header
  • round button, avatars and code blocks
  • grey header text, I don’t like this.
  • no table border, I don’t like this, either.
  • user card, hmm, only if there is no background image.
  • quote looks nice, so does code block
  • Take a look at input focus style.


(mountain) #2

Beautiful! I love the simple aesthetic. Very clean and airy, like fresh laundry. And I’m glad the circles work in place of bars for categories. I was thinking of doing the same but didn’t know how it would look. Some avatars in the meta info bar for topics looks a bit cramped, with the reply counts.

(Erick Guan) #3

They don’t have a sub category. I would doubt it would be a mess if they have a sub category.