Share links bugged in various mobile(-ish) forms of Firefox


Sent from my Galaxy S5.

Sent from my Windows 8.1 laptop that gets mistaken for a touch device, even though it isn’t.

As you can see, the share links overflow.
No repro on IE11/Chrome on Win8.1, nor Chrome on Android.

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Urgh, testing Firefox for mobile is a PITA. So easy in Chrome, F12, emulate, bam.

Oh my god this is hideous. As if I needed another reason to dislike Firefox. Even “simulate touch events” in “responsive mode” doesn’t work. This is trivial in Chrome.

OK I had to manually cut and paste the HTML from Chrome to Firefox to even look at this. Thanks Firefox! You suck at mobile!

This seems to work

.share-for-touch .overflow-ellipsis {
  clear: both;

it had a width set of 96%, but I don’t think it needs one. Looks like it defaults to 100% to me and fits in the dialog.


Seems to work on both the phone and the laptop for me, too.

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