Shared Edit: share the permission to edit your post with other users

(Benjamin Kampmann) #1


I’m proud to announce another plugin of mine. Inspired by wanting to be able to use my Checklist plugin collaboratively with other people, I created the Shared Edit Plugin. Once installed and enabled (see installation section of the readme), another action appears on ones posts allowing to share the permission to edit the post with other users:


Once saved, those other users will be able to edit that post, too. Also allowing to check the check boxes of the checklist plugin. Of course their changes will show up in the normal history.


Wiki topic mini spec
A user's too-many-edits flag stops staff from editing a post
(Brian Jordan) #2

This is awesome, was just about to start in on a plugin like this. This could be great for community wiki style posts (à la StackOverflow).

Looking forward to using it. Thanks Benjamin!

(Sam Saffron) #3

We want wiki in core, its just that have not got around to adding it yet.

(Brian Jordan) #4

That’s awesome. Is there a thread or issue tracking that? I’d love to help out once underway!

(Benjamin Kampmann) #5

Any concrete plans, time line or spec about this? Would very much love to help working on this (as the plugin suggests).

(Jens) #6

What exactly is a Community Wiki in a forum context? A topic, that can be edited by anyone with trust level 3+? With comments/posts? With a version history (already available)?

Ok, found some definition: Wiki topics (oldish) I like the name, wiki topics. I’d really be interested in any specs, maybe we can implement this.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #7

I updated my plugin.

It now optionally allows sharing of edit-permissions based on trust_levels. Thus enabling the author (but also the side-admin) to create and manage posts with wiki-like behaviours:

On other news: I also fixed the weird i18n issue by providing my own translation files.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #8

Your test says ‘optionally’, but the visual says “and as trust worthy as”. Do you really mean and? In your example, must sam.saffron also be at level 2 or higher, or is anyone at level 2 or higher allowed to edit?

If it’s the latter, the text should say something like “Share editing permission with these users” and “or any user with a trust level of”.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #9

“optionally” because the admin can configure in the backend whether it should be supported.

Regarding the question - yes, the wording isn’t best. Didn’t know a good one. But essentially it allows the latter: all listed users, as well as all users of a selected trust_level have access to edit the post. Whether a listed user is in a certain trust_level doesn’t matter. “Or” doesn’t sound appropriate either. But I gladly take pull-requests with better wording!

(Kevin P. Fleming) #10

You are right, ‘or’ does not sound correct. The best I can come up with “and also users with a trust level of”.

(Jonathan Juan) #11

I followed all of the steps in the instruction, but the button just won’t show up. I can add sharedEdit to post_menu but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

(Tobias Eigen) #12

FYI this may be outdated, since wiki is now part of core. Any topic can be made editable by other users with access to it.

A use case perhaps for an admin feature to flag topics “old” - it’s hard to tell sometimes what discussions are old and have been made irrelevant by later developments elsewhere on the forum, especially on meta.

(NomNuggetNom ) #13

I think the plugin is better because you don’t have to mark the post as a wiki. Would be nice to get that kind of functionality normally.