Sharing authentication between root and subdomain


(Salman, Freelance Developer) #1

Say I am hosting discourse on my domain like:

And my main site, which is a separate Rails app on:

I want to have a login box which simply pushes the username/pwd to the discourse login process, so then when they go to they are already logged in, and also when they are at I can hook into discourse and grab the user’s profile information etc.

Any recommendations on how to go about doing this?

(Doug Harman) #2

I have currently five answers to this / a similar question bookmarked (below). Since javascript isn’t my expertise, I’m getting together with a javascript developer next week to try and resolve it for my new site. I’ll post the outcome for others. Here’s the related q & a:

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Personally, I think the Discourse team ought to work through this one. However, for now, the solution’s being crowdsourced.

(Kane York) #3

I used an <embed> element for this on an interstitial after-login page.

var embed = document.createElement("embed");

embed.onload = function(){
    // advance login
    window.location = "/login/after-discourse";

embed.src = "";

How can I set cookie/session for my forum from external website?