Sharing to social networks

(finid) #1

There is a Sharing button below the last comment in a thread or below the thread post, if there are no responses yet. But that provides just the post’s URL.

I think it would be nice if there is a list of social networks for users to choose to share their responses, just as they are about to submit.

An example as implemented in is showm in this image.

Customize social networks sites to share
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Good idea! I was actually thinking more like we did it on Stack Exchange, adding the buttons to the share dialog:

(finid) #3

The slight problem with that and even with the implementation on LampCMS, is that for each social network you want to share, you have to complete the auth info at submit time.

I think the sharing could be made seamless by providing a facility for users to pre-fill all that info on their profile page, and help them indicate which networks to auto-share their posts or comments.

On LampCMS, for example, this is what my profile page looks like:

Like I wrote above, it would be nice if I could provide my login details before hand and be able to indicate which social platform I want Discourse to auto-share my posts or responses to posts, provided there are no show-stopper security issues that come into play.

On Feedburner, for example, there is a social feature that auto-shares my posts to Twitter. So I’ve never had to log in and post directly to my Twitter account, only via Feedburner.

(Peter Stoinov) #4

I fully agree on the integration! What is the point of single sign on to every site if you get asked for every post. If I approve the site for posting on my behalf during the sign up or at a later time, it should provide me with a seamless sharing experience.
Also a question could pop-up the first time you share with every social network, asking you if you want not to authenticate in the future. This will further ease the friction between simple users and complicated technology :wink:

(Michele Savisto) #5

Agreed. Users should have the option, at sign-up time, to authorise Discourse to automagically post to Twitter/FB/LinkedIn when they reply to a topic. If they select the automagic posting option, there should be a checkbox to disable it for the post currently being written, but it should still remain set as default for any future posts.

(finid) #6

Fully agree with “there should be a checkbox to disable it for the post currently being written.”

(Aja Bogdanoff) #7

I’d prefer the reverse; check the box if you do want to post to social. :slight_smile:

(Michele Savisto) #8

To my mind, the best way to do it is as follows:

  • Bob signs up, but isn’t naturally inclined to share everything he posts on other social networks. At time of sign up, he doesn’t select the ‘Share All My Posts on $SOCIALNETWORKS’ option.

  • Alice signs up, and she loves sharing everything she posts on other social networks. When she signs up, she does select the ‘Share All My Posts on $SOCIALNETWORKS’ option.

  • Bob writes a great post, and decides he wants to share it on $SOCIALNETWORKS, so he checks the ‘Share This Post on $SOCIALNETWORKS’ option that shows when he’s writing the post. (By default, because of his selection at time of sign-up, the option to share is not checked.)

  • Alice writes a so-so post, and decides she doesn’t want to share it on $SOCIALNETWORKS, so she unchecks the ‘Share This Post on $SOCIALNETWORKS’ that’s normally checked when she’s writing the post. (By default, because of her selection at time of sign-up, the option to share is checked.)

That way, the user decides on their own default preference, and the overhead of remembering to share or not share at the time of post creation is removed whilst still giving the user the flexibility to opt-out of their default at the time of post creation.

(finid) #9

The option to share should not be at sign-up time, but after, in your profile page, where a list of supported social networks are listed for you to fill in your auth info. See the image in my second post above.

Also, the option to enable/disable sharing for each social network should be on the profile page too.

(Michele Savisto) #10

There’s no harm, and a lot of value, in offering it at sign-up time. I agree that it should also be something you can change at any time on your profile page, and the option to enable and disable specific social networks would be a boon too.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

This should be deployed in a few hours, where the share dialog has handy social media icons at the bottom for one-click sharing of the link.

It will be configurable via the admin site settings.

(finid) #12

Does it already come with the option to configure automatic sharing by users?

(Neil Lalonde) #13

It’s deployed! Give it a try. Share ALL the things.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

I think that is something best left to a plugin, if people want to share, I think most folks know how to click the share button to trigger intent – and now it is just an easier click away to get a link shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+!

(finid) #15

Well, half a loaf is better than none, but assuming I want to to share all my posts, as the forum owner, to all supported social networks, it sure would be nice to be able to do that automagically.

Hopefully somebody finds the time to craft a complementary plugin for this feature.

(Sam Saffron) #16

I strongly agree this should be a plugin, auto-sharing is a very dangerous feature, it can easily make Discourse itself seem like a spammy product, we want to be very careful about adding stuff like this into core.

(finid) #17

Didn’t think of that angle, but now that you brought it up, will it be too difficult to limit the ability to share to users at or above a certain trust level? Just as a way to reduce the potential for spamming.

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Well, I can go to any website and click “share to facebook” on whatever content they show over and over – the only thing I end up spamming is my own Facebook account.

(Jake) #19

Are their plans to add linkedin to the sharing option from a post or are there settings I have missed? I have had a request or two for this.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

Does LinkedIn even have public sharing?