Shift + R only works sometimes

(from TDWTF) #1

Pressing ? brings up the help-menu which suggests using shift + r to reply to a topic.

This does not seem to work if the topic is long enough for the last post not to be loaded.

Reproduction steps (as far as I can tell!):

  • Find a topic with more than 50 unread replies
  • Press shift + r
  • notice the lack of composer
    If you want to actually reply do the following:
  • Press end
  • Press shift + r again
  • notice the composer
  • be confused

I don’t know if this behaviour is intentional to make me read all posts before replying but if so it is really counter intuitive and not mentioned in the help.

I think the 50 is the amount of posts that are preloaded on meta. I could reproduce it with 57 unread posts, hence the number.

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(Mittineague) #2

Why wouldn’t one?
How else to know if it has already been said of if the focus of the discussion has shifted?

Unless I’m missing your point I don’t see how this prevents normal use of the forum.

(from TDWTF) #3

I dunno, imagine a topic like

“What is your personal opinion on X?”

While I can probably read the posts and then agree I could also want to reply to the OP directly because it make sense that way.

Or what about a topic with 5k replies? Let’s say I am a new user and want to reply to that topic. Are you really expecting me to read through all replies?

See, the point I am trying to make is: You are asking “Why would you” while I believe the real question should be "Why would you not?"
A forum is a software that is supposed to enable you to do things. While you can restrict things, there will always be exception to the rule.

As a matter of fact, the only reason I found this was because a I had a reason to reply to the OP without reading the final posts. Otherwise, I would not have considered writing this report.

Also: a keyboard shortcut that works based on your position in the topic is not the right way to tell me to read posts. I hope we can agree on that.
If a keyboard shortcut silently fails it looks like the software is broken.
I actually first believed that that shortcut was removed and wrongfully left in the help.

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Actually, you know what, just to further elaborate how this could happen, let’s use the actual scenario that happened:

On our forum we have a forum we call the “status”-topic. Where you post your current “status” (meaning things you are currently doing, things that bother you, things you think about… stuff like that). The topic itself is held together by the fact that all posts are either a status or a reply to a status.
It makes sense to group them that way and (IMO) is a good way to bring a comunity closer together.

Now my post was a new status. It has not correlation to any other post. If anybody else in that topic had already posted such a thing, it would still be my current status and therefor unique in that way.

You might argue that such a topic is stupid/useless/whatever but at the end of the day, it exists and to me it feels valuable enough to post in it.

So, yeah, that’s what happened :smiley:

(god, I sound like I need to defend my way of using a forum… I am sorry for that. I just wanted to clear it up. No hard feelings)

(Mittineague) #4

No problem here, I was just wondering what use case would not involve reading replies.

I’m used to thinking of forums in terns of discussions, not a “message board” type of thing where members simply make a post, and I couldn’t think of any situation where not reading replies would occur.

As for keyboard issues, I’m a mouser so I don’t have much I can add, maybe @cpradio or @TechnoBear can provide some insight?

I do agree that it should not silently fail. Either work or tell me why not if you please.

(from TDWTF) #5

Try replying to a topic from inside the topic… especially on bigger topics without going to the top or bottom…
I’ll be waiting.

Welp, I am a mouse-user as well. Besides the occasional Pos1 / end

It makes sense that way. Though I believe that either type of forum has it’s merits. They can even coexist on the same instance, IMO. I should really depend on the users to use a software the way they see fit and not the other way around.

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(Mittineague) #6

I see what you mean, I went to

which opened at the last post (I have read the topic)
I then used “progess” to go to the top
Once there, I did shift+r and the composer did open
I refreshed the page which loaded at the OP
I again did shift+r

Nothing. No Composer, no error message. Not a good thing.

Maybe it would be easy enough to add an “end” automatically into the keyboard shortcut code?

(cpradio) #7

I agree that SHIFT + R should not fail in this scenario. It shouldn’t be too difficult to fix either, if there is a controller for processing a reply.

(from TDWTF) #8

It really depends on why this is not working. It doesn’t throw an error in the webconsole for me so it seems like there is some code in the handler that says “if the last post is not loaded, do not open the composer for this”. But I am not fluent in Discourse, so I don’t really know.

Are you using Discourse with keyboard? I have no idea how to trigger the “Reply” by pressing R. Like, I don’t understand how I am selecting a post to reply to.
I would be interested if this “bug” also occures that way. Because I can definitly see somebody replying to a post in the middle of the conversation without reading all the way to the end. Even without my specific use cases.

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(cpradio) #9

Right now, it finds the topic reply button and performs an onclick using jQuery. Changing it to use a controller would solve this problem entirely. I’m 90% certain about that, well, 98% certain since @riking liked my post.

(Kane York) #10

I also liked the post because I noticed this bug and it annoyed me :stuck_out_tongue:

(cpradio) #11

I have a fix for this (I think). PR coming soon.

I’ll have to come back to this tonight. I have the change ready, but my fork is all messed up so the PR is ugly as all get out. I’ll try to straighten it up later.

(Stephanie) #12

I’d rather not lose my place in reading because I replied.

(cpradio) #13

My solution shouldn’t move your reading position

(cpradio) #14

PR Submitted

I’m going to look at converting more of these to their controllers too, as Share likely has the same issue along with a few of the other ones.

(Régis Hanol) #15