Shortcuts for Dismiss All Notifications Not Working for me


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The above shortcuts don’t work for me in this forum, or in

But maybe I’m not using them correctly.
Is there a specific page where these work?

I have tried typing
x and then r

On these pages:

  • Topic page, with and without the “User Menu” being displayed
  • Topic list page

These shortcuts do show up in the “Keyboard Shortcuts” screen in both forums.

What am I doing wrong?

I want to achieve the same function as the “Dismiss All” button on the “Notifications” page.


(cpradio) #2

I believe those shortcuts only work on the Unread/New tabs/pages.


Thanks. That appears to be the case.

But how are we supposed to know?
The Shortcuts popup says only that they are at the “Application” level.

Why aren’t they available on all pages, or at least when the “User Menu” is shown?
If they are not, shouldn’t there be some note on the Shortcuts popup?

(cpradio) #4

Well, they have little to do with Notifications, so that is why they are not on the user menu. And they are likely not using the API and are looking for a button to invoke its event, hence why it only works on the two pages for now.

As to how to know… well that topic you linked to helps indicate the context to the New/Unread tabs/pages. But apart from that, trial and error. But you are more than welcome to mockup a new keyboard help screen and see if they’ll take a PR for it. :slight_smile:

Or maybe one day, someone will have time to make it use the API instead of the button event.


I don’t understand your statement. When I display the “User Menu” via a “p” shortcut, mostly what I see are notifications:

Until/IF Discourse sees fit to provide a shortcut that works with the “User Menu” is displayed, I have created my own solution using JavaScript and Keyboard Maestro. If anyone is interested in this, reply here and I’ll post the solution.

(cpradio) #6

Here is my point

I dismissed the posts from the Unread tab using the button, and notice how my notification for said post is still blue. The two are not connected. Dismiss Post literally means, remove it from Unread, it doesn’t touch the notifications you have.