Show also under my preferences the normal categories

(Manfred Bayer Lemerz) #1

Hallo one quick question:

Is there a setting that also categories that the have the watching status normal can be displayed?

I know that right now Watched, Tracked, Watching First Post and Muted are displayed and that the difference are the Normal categories but it would be for the user easier if they also see the normal categories.

thanks and br


(Mittineague) #2

I must not be seeing the need.

If a category is not Watched, Tracked or Muted is it not the default Normal?

Are you having problems where categories need to be explicitly set to Normal?

(Manfred Bayer Lemerz) #3


Yes. If you support a user and try to explain him which category he is watching, muting etc. it would be much more easier if he also sees the category which are set to normal.

(Mittineague) #4

Ah, so it’s more a “visibility” thing.

I usually just open the hamburger menu and compare what I see there to what I have in my preference settings.

I think the preference page could get a bit cramped showing Normal categories when a forum has a lot of categories.

But it might be easy enough to add a “show all categories” link that wouldn’t take up much room.

Though IMHO, the preference page is already a bit over populated as it is now.

I don’t know what would be more intimidating to new members.
Many tabs to explore.
One very long page with a lot of things.

(Manfred Bayer Lemerz) #5

Yep to help new user!

Good one!