Show categories on discourse starting screen

Hi all, during the installation wizard I said that I want the latest topics on the starting screen but now I figured out that it look stupid if you have no posts in your forum… Does anybody know how how to toggle between “latest posts” <–>“categories” in the starting window of discourse? Thx

You can rerun the wizard at any point to change the setting. It won’t break anything.

I just upgraded and it seems that the latest update has forced LATEST instead of CATEGORIES, despite my settings:

Can anyone confirm?

cc @HAWK

Check your User Preference for Homepage. I have a feeling it default to Latest for all Users at upgrade and thus those who used to have Categories now get Latest unexpectantly

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As a visitor I see categories, not latest.

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Okay. Was this a change in the latest update?

I think that resolves it.

User preference for default home page

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As a user, on my profile I see instead “latest”.

Yes, but read here

If you are on very latest version of discourse, that bug is still here. In this case you should write in that topic.


Just for some background, the feature was added on November 9th. So depending on when your last update was… it could have been included in your recent upgrade.