Show full content and image with Wordpress plugin

(Phillip Kuoch) #1


I’ve just installed the Discourse plugin on my Wordpress and don’t have any issues sending the posts over.

I was wondering if it was possible to show the full post instead of an excerpt? Also, would it be possible to show the featured image and images in the post as well? How would one do that?


(Adam Capriola) #2

Use {featuredimage} to show the featured image. There is a “Show Full Post” thingamajig mentioned here that is live a on a few sites, but I can’t find any documentation about it…

(Jeff Atwood) #3

@eviltrout perhaps you can clarify?

(Robin Ward) #4

Actually it’s been a while since I worked on the WP plugin. @techAPJ, since you worked on it last, do you remember whether it’s possible to import the entire post and not just an excerpt?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

That wasn’t my question – it was how to get the Show Full Post… button going, like this:

(Robin Ward) #6

That button is automatic if you are on the latest version of Discourse and the Plugin. However I do think the OP was indeed asking how to include the whole Wordpress post and not an excerpt.

(Arpit Jalan) #7

There is no option in wp-discourse plugin currently to show full post on Discourse instead of an excerpt.

We do have Show Full Post… button, clicking on which the excerpt expands to show entire post along with images, see it in action here: The "Just In Time" Theory of User Behavior - blog - Coding Horror Discussion

As @eviltrout mentioned, this button appears by default, if you are on the latest version of Discourse and the Plugin.

As a workaround, you can increase the Custom excerpt length from WP Discourse settings page:

and add {featuredimage} by customizing Publish format setting:

But I recommend you to let overtake Show Full Post… to show entire post, and keep excerpt at minimum.

Also, PR is welcome to add Show full post on Discourse option in wp-discourse plugin! :smile:

(Phillip Kuoch) #8

Thanks for replying! I believe I’m already running the latest version of Discourse and I’ve just installed the plugin on Wordpress, but the ‘Show Full Post’ button doesn’t show.

My discourse:

Any idea why it’s not showing? Thanks!

(Arpit Jalan) #9

You have to input your blog domain in embeddable host setting:

Also enable embed truncate setting:

Let me know if this helps.

How do I configure "Show Full Post"
How do I configure "Show Full Post"
(Hugo Almeida) #10

Any tips on:

ActionController::InvalidCrossOriginRequest (Security warning: an embedded <script> tag on another site requested protected JavaScript. If you know what you're doing, go ahead and disable forgery protection on this action to permit cross-origin JavaScript embedding.)

getting this after those 2 settings and then i press show full post.

(Robin Ward) #11

That looks like a mismatch with embeddable host not being the site you are embedding the discourse content on.

(Hugo Almeida) #12

I’m sorry,

I’m super dumb ^^ blog is still under http basic auth since we’re getting ready to open.

(Adam Capriola) #13

Is the plugin packaged with Discourse, and if not, where can I find it? I’m still a little confused by how you get the button to show. Like, what do I have to enter as the content of a post to activate it?

(Hugo Almeida) #14

I was confused as well, but you just need to enable the 2 embedding settings that @techAPJ mentions.

embeddable host = your wordpress domain
embed truncate = makes it show the show full post button

(Adam Capriola) #15

… and then put a link to a post from your WordPress domain as the content of a post? Does the post need to be auto-created by the WordPress plugin? Does it need to be the first post of a topic?

I configured those settings but don’t notice anything happening when I manually create a topic to test it out. I’m wondering if oneboxing conflicts with this.

(Phillip Kuoch) #16

Thank you so much for your help!

(Speck Kevin Pratt) #17

Just in case people who are confused come here again. The ability to show the full post has been added to the plugin as an option.