"Show full post" does not show correct data


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Since two other people had a similar situation to myself, I’m wondering how the “show full post” button works and whether there is anything I can do to fix it. I’m seeing the author bio when I click the button, rather than the post. I’d like to leave the button, not disable it, but have it work properly.

(Simon Cossar) #2

When you click the Show Full Post button, Discourse attempts to retrieve the page content of the post from the WordPress site.

On my test site, if I create a very short or ungrammatical post, clicking the Show Full Post button will cause the site description to be displayed, instead of the published post. My assumption is this has to do with the ruby-readability gem being used to parse the page content. Is it possible that this is what is happening with the posts you are publishing that are showing you the author bio?


Yes. With longer (ie “real”) content, it works just fine. Sorry for bothering you. Still trying to figure the whole thing out.