Show "invited by" as a way to gamify users to recommend better people

(Pad Pors) #1

scenario one: inviting someone to the community

being invited by previous regular members, is the most effective way of growth of a community. and it’d be helpful to gamify this nice feature (invitation) a little bit.

there are already some good badges for this: Promoter, Campaigner, and the Champion.

some other ways may also help this purpose:

showing the invitee avatar in the user cards: this has three benefits:

  1. other users can see the notwork between others,
  2. newbies can benefit an initial credit of old members easier,
  3. also the invitee is promoted each time an invited user card is clicked.


scenario two: inviting some user to a topic with the invitation button

the same way as invited users to the message are shown, it can be done for topics.

it will results to a more visible community, also people may be more engaged to help topics by effective invitations.

p.s.: sorry if the topic is not well organized. I have read it twice to be sure about the accent!

(Stephen) #2

What’s the benefit of showing other users that someone was invited to a topic if they then don’t choose to participate? Worst case there could be tens of additional rows added (hundreds for a big topic) with no additional contribution.

At best a small indicator could be added to a reply if the user responds following an invite otherwise it’s just spammy.