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Hello friends,

I use Categories and latest posts on my website and i want to show latest posts only on mobile without categories.
somebody here suggested the solution here:
How to default to latest on mobile and categories+latest on desktop?

by editing the nginx-settings but i have no idea how to do that, can you guys help me with this,

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Any help on this please ?


It’s not a simple process if you’re unsure about what you’re doing, and I wouldn’t recommend it (note that the person who posted it in your link considered it a “dirty hack”). There’s some information in this post:

There’s an open feature request for different mobile/desktop landing pages here, if you want to watch for future progress:

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I will have a look on the second option.

Thanks for your reply.

It didn`t work, can we do it with some kind of javascript ?

Any help please !!

can i do it with some kind of code?

Trying to hack this is probably not a good idea, it could cause other things to break.

My community were quite happy with changing the logo link, as I described here. Maybe that could be work for you as well:


Hello @david

i tried this but didnt work, also the users must tap on the logo to get the latest post, in fact i want them to get the latest posts first time they surf the website on the mobile.

+1 on this post, I’d also rather have Latest on mobile.

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Would also love this feature.

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