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Continuing the discussion from Should search prioritize recent topics over older topics?:

OK, I’ve been able to reproduce this, so as requested, I’m opening this as a bug. Jeff seems to think this is strictly just an issue with the “Show More” not being shown on search, but I’m not sure I agree with that interpretation - I’m not sure the search is always returning all the results being shown.

I did the following search (tried to use something not generic in nature). Notice the lack of Show More in the display. Notice there are only three topics returned.

If I do a site specific search via google, I receive at least nine different topics that should have been returned. Sorry for the tiny type, but I wanted to show all the topic returned.

Why are these results different? And the big problem with this is if someone (even me) performs the same search later, different results are returned. Look at all of the screenshots from the previous thread and you can see some examples of it.

Should search prioritize recent topics over older topics?
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In the short time (< 5 mins!) since you posted this, I’m already seeing different results. I have one additional result that you don’t.

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The specific bug in the previous discussion. Was missing “show more” when there are clearly over 5 results. And under “normal” use the show more will show up.

What you are asking here is why Google able to return more results then the built in search.

To understand why different result returned on the same search terms(internal search). We need to know what factors/variables controlling the search result.

(David Maxwell) #4

Actually, that was Jeff’s interpretation of the results, and with his role in Discourse, I have to respect that. However, I started that previous thread to ask for the search to be looked at as a priority for after V1, but that was too generic and not actionable (I can agree with that assessment). So I started this thread with a more specific purpose, but am saying that the lack of the “Show More” may not necessarily be the complete problem…

(Jeff Atwood) #5

No, there’s some bug. Compare your screenshot with mine. What’s different?

Either it is

  1. There’s some bug that prevents “SHOW MORE” from appearing when it should.

  2. Under what circumstances can the same query produce fewer results?

Personally I think it is #1, but I suppose it is possible it is #2. Either way we need a repro:

Give me the step-by-step of how to type “heatmap” in the search, in such a way that SHOW MORE does not appear.

(cpradio) #6

Options for #2: The additional topics are in private categories, deleted, or otherwise invisible to normal users.

(TechnoBear) #7

Before I posted the first thread shown in the two results above, I wanted to check that I hadn’t made a mistake in the TL3 requirements. As you can see, I was unable to find the relevant information, and again, fewer than five results were returned, although a Google search just now produced 14.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

No, that’s not it:

  • Hardly any private categories or posts here on meta.

  • Of the expanded results, only ~3 are closed, and closed topics show in search normally anyway.

  • Deleted topics don’t show up in search for anyone

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Irrelevant. Show me how to type “heatmap” into search and NOT get a SHOW MORE.

That’s what I need repro steps for. See above screenshot.

(TechnoBear) #10

As I believe we have established, the results have changed since Dave and I first tried this search yesterday, and without the ability to turn back time, its hard to see how we can reproduce yesterday’s results. But I will attest that Dave is correct, his screenshot is correct and it did happen.

(cpradio) #11

Okay, good to know. I just wanted to throw out “possible” reasons for it. :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #12

I believe you, but it is very difficult to fix problems without repro steps.

Unless we’re going with “database randomly returning random results”, which I suppose is possible…

(David Maxwell) #13

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how else to give you steps to repro - it’s a one step process, and I’m sharing the results.

Amazingly, I did get the same results just now when I did the same search (even did a larger screen crop to show it’s a brand new one). Oddly, they don’t match the results that @BhaelOchon got five minutes after mine.

So perhaps search not returning consistent results would be more appropriate?

(Jeff Atwood) #14

The reason @BhaelOchon (and I) see that additional topic result for TL3 is because it is in the Lounge category, which you don’t have access to. That’s explainable.

If you did a lot of searching, it’s possible there is some issue with the sequence of steps used to initiate the search that could cause SHOW MORE not to appear in the UI?

My developer spidey sense says UI is somehow screwing up and “thinks” there are not enough results to trigger SHOW MORE. I strongly suspect an error or logic bug in the SHOW MORE UI codepath. I just don’t know how to trigger it.

Should search prioritize recent topics over older topics?
(David Maxwell) #15

OK, I’ll buy that…

Shouldn’t be since the discourse search can really only operate one way - yes, there’s the category focus, but I’ve been bitten by that, so I know to go to the main page before I do any searching.

Could be - you’re far more familiar with this product, which is why I named this thread the way I did :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #16


So while I still can’t tell you why show more wasn’t showing in this case, we did resolve the underlying issue.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

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