"show subcategory list" not working as expected

(Jason Crenshaw) #1

So not only am I not seeing the expected behaviour when choosing this option, but when hitting “edit” for a category, it fails to open the modal.

Additionally, on the categories list screen, if you have the “fixed positioning” for categories enabled, you can’t change the fixed positions, and the menu on the right only gives the option for creating a new category. No choice for reordering.

It appears there are a number of issues with this option as I see a couple of other reports about weird behavior with it, but I didn’t see anyone post that it was conflicting with core discourse functionality.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Hmm, possible regressions, can you give this setting a quick check Monday @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #3

I just tested the setting out locally and it seems to be working fine. After I refreshed my browser I was able to see the subcategory list at the top of a category when I entered it. Edit Category also worked as expected.

The fixed positioning is not done through the category page anymore: there is a position field when you edit the category.

Are you running the latest version of Discourse? Perhaps you have plugins that are interfering?

(Jason Crenshaw) #4

This is a fresh install, directly from git, installed same day with no plugins or modifications.

I should clarify that the option from the drop-down menu stating “Reorganize Categories” as is currently available on the “Categories” page disappears completely when the “Show subcategory list” option is enabled.

The behavior in question only occurred when both options were enabled. This combination of options also resulted in the inability to edit the categories. (No modal displaying).

It’s running on Ubuntu 14.04 on Digital Ocean in a Docker container.

(cpradio) #5

Can you take a screen shot of the settings you changed? As here is what I changed

I can still access the Reorganize Categories and I can access the Categories page.

Did you alter the top menu setting too?