Show subscribed topics

(Thoka) #1

A user asked me about an overview about his subscribed topics.
How can I enable him to see an overview of categories and threads, he is subscribed to ?

(Dave McClure) #2

There are search operators that can help there:

in:tracking, in:watching

Unfortunately, it looks like you also need to specify a search term… so they could try different things like:

in:tracking hello and
in:tracking search etc.

It’d be nice if you could just do in:tracking alone.

@sam, is that something already planned to change during the work for full page search results?

Open search window and click ‘help’ to see other advanced search options:

(Sam Saffron) #3

This is no longer the case :slight_smile: but I do still need to add pagination into full page search.

(Thoka) #4

Thank you. I was not aware of this advanced search features.

(Thoka) #5

Hm. I was trying that in our discourse at, but without any results.
Could there be a configuration option preventing this to work ?

In addition: is this feature supposed to return threads, which a user is watching due to his settings for a category ?

(Dave McClure) #6

Hmm… It’s working fine for me here. It looks like your forum is quite up to date but I am not tracking any topics there, so hard for me to test.

Yes and no. It really only looks at the status of the topic.

Those settings set the status for new topics but do not retroactively set the status for existing topics.