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We’ve had our forum up and running for a few months now and are really happy with how it is set up. Here is the website:

This forum is for a single exam, and we’ve made use of both categories and subcategories.

We’d like to expand the forum to multiple exams, but given that we can’t create sub-sub categories, I think we may need to restructure the entire forum and make better use of tags.

So for example, our current structure is:
Category: Learning Center
Subcategory: Learning objective 1, Learning Objective 2, etc…
Threads: Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3, etc…

The new structure would be:
Category: Exam 1
Subcategory: Learning Center
Threads: Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3 - TAGGED BY LEARNING OBJECTIVE

My question is: Once we click on the Category, Is it possible to show in a user friendly manner, not only all of the subcategories (in boxes), but also specific (pre-determined) TAGS that are used in those subcategories? So you would see a box that says “Learning Center” and underneath it says " Learning objective 1", “Learning Objective 2”, etc…


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Funny, the exact same feature request popped up a few days ago on our site.

The “proper” way to get this done would be to develop a new subcategory list style that can be chosen in the category settings (in dropdown “Subcategory List Style”, which appears after enabling “Show subcategory list above topics in this category”). Such a list style is not yet available in off-the-shelf Discourse.

Until that time, a useful workaround is to choose “Subcategory List Style: Boxes” instead and edit the “About the … category” topics (which are teasered in these boxes) so that they show the links to the lists of tagged topics in that sub-category. Hyperlinks are indeed shown as links in these boxes, so that will work.

The format to construct the hyperlinks is as follows (using relative hyperlinks here):