Show that I am the site leader

What are the different types of ways you can show users that you are the leader of the site.

  • How could I appear higher then normal admins? as the leader of the site

  • What is a user card badge

  • How do I add the site logo, and “team” text for all admins as shown in the pic below



Okay so complicated stuff coming right up.

  1. You can edit your Title in your user’s admin settings, by going to your profile and clicking admin (while logged in as either an administrator or a moderator).

  1. The user card badge is being depreciated, so you don’t need to worry about that at all.

  2. Just follow the screenshots below. They show you how to create a group, add a title for everyone in the group, and add a logo next to their profile icon.


Just fill out all of that information, and click save. Then all the users in that group will have the flair image, and the custom title.


It’s worth noting that you can either use a font-awesome icon or an image URL to your own PNG in the Avatar Flair Image field

It says that in the field placeholder… Is that new?

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I uploaded my flair to the forum and used the url today. Last week I used a font awesome icon.


I can’t get the TL flairs to work… :confused:

I’m on the latest release…

Got it to work the flair is tiny…

Edit: Fixed.

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Only by editing your title. There is no admin hierarchy.

The bug you see on my usercard.


How do I get a image URL for the ‘Avatar Flair image’ option

There’s a topic called “Assets for the site design” that gets automatically generated in the Staff category of a Discourse forum. The topic says:

This is a permanent topic, visible only to staff, for storing images and files used in the site design. Don’t delete it!

Here’s how:

  1. Reply to this topic.
  2. Upload all the images you wish to use for logos, favicons, and so forth here. (Use the upload toolbar icon in the post editor, or drag-and-drop or paste images.)
  3. Submit your reply to post it.
  4. Right click the images in your new post to get the path to the uploaded images, or click the edit icon to edit your post and retrieve the path to the images. Copy the image paths.
  5. Paste those image paths into basic settings.

If you need to enable different file type uploads, edit authorized_extensions in the file settings.

That would be a good place to upload the flair and grab the link.


This is the links I got

And when i put it in the image URL section, no preview shows up. And when i save it nothing seems to happen. How do I know if the flair has been updated?

Ah, you don’t want to use that URL. You’ll need to reply to that topic, and in your reply, upload the flair image in the same way that you are adding your screenshots here. Once the image is uploaded and you submit the reply, right-click the flair image in your new post and copy the image address, or click the edit icon to edit your post and copy the path to the image that way. You can then paste that URL into the Avatar Flair Image option and you should be all set.


Worked. My bad I was left clicking :joy:

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