Showing user location on individual posts

(Denis Heraud) #1

Hi folks!

How would we go about showing our user’s location (as set in their profile) next to their usernames/full names when they post or reply to a topic? On our forum we find ourselves asking where users are from quite often as replies are often dependent on the user’s geographical location.

I know you can see location on the user card, but I find most people don’t even know you can click on the user to see their card, so if it was just displayed next to their name, that would be awesome.

Thank you!


Not possible right now without plugin. :frowning:
Maybe you could read this feature request, and use this “national flags’s plugin

(Denis Heraud) #3

Thanks for pointing out that plugin. Although we are all in Canada so I need a more specific location than that. But maybe this is the push I needed to create my own plugin. :slight_smile:

(Neil) #4

You could easily adapt my plugin for extra flags. Have a look at the JSON file. Add ‘ca-01’ ‘ca-02’ for example and their corresponding flag images and you’re good to go.

(Denis Heraud) #5

Hi @Ebs! I’ve already started setting up a dev environment to do just that! Will let you know how it goes and if I have any questions! Thanks!