Sidekiq Crashing


For some reason Sidekiq keeps crashing on my website. Sometimes it could be hours before it crashes, sometimes it will crash within a few minutes of restarting. I don’t think it is anything to do with the server power, but it could be. The server has 2gb of ram and 6 cores. The community only has around 350 members, but we are gaining around new 100 members / day.

edit: In my terminal when I ssh into the server it says this
[56047.215069] Out of memory: Kill process 31507 (.ruby.bin) score 115 or sacrifice child

[57594.217344] Killed process 31507 (.ruby.bin) total-vm:4719372kB, anon-rss:356292kB, file-rss:0kb

Makes me think it is running out of ram, but I don’t see how it would use it all

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Do you have swap? You’ll definitely need it during an upgrade.


There was 1gb of swap before, so I changed it to 4gb. Any other recommendations or is that all?

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

You could try running ./discourse-setup to set the recommended memory parameters for the amount of RAM you have (or read the comments in app.yml to make sure that you followed them)…


Alright i’ll check that out, thanks for your help. I was having the same issue on my previous host with sidekiq crashing as well, Hopefully increasing the swap helps.