Sidekiq jobs not processing in devlopment


I have set up discourse in a docker container and am running it locally. Starting to play around with the app and everything seems to be fine, except emails don’t send almost every time and up just queuing or failing in sidekiq.

I ran rails server with d/rails s
In another window I am running mailcatcher with d/mailcatcher
in another window I am running sidekiq with d/bundle exec sidekiq -q critical,low,default

I received one confirmation email when I registered a user, but since then mailcatcher has not got a single email (confirmation, invite, reset password etc). However every time I attempt the Email Delivery Test I get an email.

What am I missing here? The project was just set up following this link discourse/bin/docker at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Sam Saffron) #2

I think you can just use /d/sidekiq you don’t need to go through running it with bundler.


Thanks @sam, that did seem to make some sort of difference as I some some logs in the terminal window where I can d/sidekiq. However it didn’t seem to solve the issue I am having with the mail. All invitation emails and confirmation emails are now sitting in the ‘Enqueued’ section of sidekiq