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I have seen this option on a XenForo community and a handful of other websites. Would it be possible to integrate this into Discourse core?

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If I’m not mistaken, sign in with Microsoft works as oauth2 and that can already be integrated with discourse.

See: OAuth2 Basic Support


I am not sure what “microsoft” means, but it may mean this: Microsoft 365 OAuth2 Plugin.


Microsoft means Microsoft accounts


Hmm. I feel like the further this topic goes the less I know. :man_shrugging:

For my migration/import clients that have something that looks like outlook in the MX record for their email domain name, I’ve been using the Microsoft265 plugin. I can’t quite remember who they are/were right now to look again.

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Actually, I’d suggest the first port of call should be this:

in combination with this existing plugin:

You will note the reference to Azure AD et al at the bottom of the OP on that Plugin Topic.

There’s should be no need to deal with any of their client libraries, just use HTTP with the plugin above?


Yeah it is super confusing, not least because they keep renaming things!

I think that ‘Microsoft Identity Platform’, ‘Azure AD’, ‘Login with Office365’, ‘Microsoft 365 Login’ are all the same. They all use the same oauth2 authorization endpoints{tenant}/oauth2/v2.0/authorize

When using Microsoft’s identity platform, you choose a ‘tenant’. For the plugin, that tenant is hard-coded to common.

Allows users with both personal Microsoft accounts and work/school accounts from Azure AD to sign into the application.

The instructions which @merefield linked in the OpenID connect plugin topic are useful if you want to use your own tenant. That’s common for corporate entities that only want their own users to be able to log in. Less common for public online forums.

So, @Opetron, if you want something like the Tom’s Hardware site, you can use

It was already on my todo list to rename the plugin to ‘Microsoft 365 Login’, so I guess I’ll cross that out and put ‘Microsoft Identity Platform’ instead :sweat_smile:


Yes! The “Microsoft” button in the original post has nothing to do with Microsoft 365. I can just use my regular Microsoft account and it works just fine.

Tell me about it. I originally thought that it was specifically for Microsoft 365 users, so I assumed that their was not a version for regular Microsoft accounts.

If everything goes to plan, there should be a “Microsoft” button on the log in/sign up page, correct?
I’m surprised that it isn’t integrated into this forum. Such a button would be extremely handy for Windows users, assuming you can use Windows Hello.

Honestly, “Sign in with Microsoft” sounds much better to me.

Is the plugin integrated into core? Id be surprised if it wasn’t, unlike the other buttons.

It’s not part of core - if a forum administrator wants to add the button, they’ll need to install the plugin.


I know, but is there a reason why?

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