Sign Up button w/ SSO integration... show & edit URL?


(Scott Pruett) #1

Jeff, et al.,

Is there an easy way to get the Sign Up button to appear w/ SSO integration, and further to then edit the URL of the Sign Up button?


(Dean Taylor) #2

Check out this post:

For this topic:

(Scott Pruett) #3

Thanks @DeanMarkTaylor.

That looks like it may work. Have you used this hack before? If yes, any issues w/ it?

(Dean Taylor) #4

Yeap - wrote it - tested it - “works for me” - but a general disclaimer - “I’m not responsible” - it’s not got any official backing from the Discourse team.

(Scott Pruett) #5

10-4. That makes sense, thanks!

(Scott Pruett) #6

Hey @DeanMarkTaylor, I dropped that code into the </head> section and the site just outputted it verbatim above my site header. Am I missing something here?

edit: I put it i the </body> section as suggested by @riking in the other thread. While it hid the output above the header, it doesn’t display the sign up button.

here’s my forum:

(Dean Taylor) #7

It might be best to move this conversation over to the original post so others can follow…
… I have made a small update.

(Scott Pruett) #8

D’oh. I should’ve caught that.

I’ll follow & comment the other topic from here on out, good idea.