Sign Up Link for Trust Level 0

I feel like I saw this somewhere but can I make a link where if I send the link to a trial customer and they sign up they’re automatically put in a group and pending for approval?

Ideally, if I could have a link for when they sign up they get a trust level of 0 then I would know that they are a trial customer instead of a converted customer with a trust level of 1. I have my default set to trust level 1 for paying customers but would like to get pending users to default to trust level 0 if they’re from a trial funnel vs level 1 from a paying account level.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you!

By default, all new users are signed up at Trust Level 0 unless the community is in bootstrap mode (then they are granted TL1).

If you’re looking at tracking trial users, I would recommend using separate groups you create as trust level memberships change automatically based upon user participation in the community.

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Hi @justindirose

Thanks for the response! I would like for paying customers to come in as trust level 1 for approval and trial customers to come in as trust level 0 for approval. I have created a group for Trial members already but I have no way of knowing when they sign up if they’re paying or on trial.

We should probably back up and look at what you’re using for getting these users into Discourse in the first place. Are you using Wordpress/WP Discourse? Manual entry? Custom software? Something else?

In many cases, you may need some kind of custom integration to get what you’re wanting done.

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LIke @justindirose said, that’s your problem, as neither does Discourse!

You’ll want to have whatever does know if they are paying add them to the correct Discourse group.