Simple category sidebar


(Kris) #1

This theme component allows you to add a simple sidebar to the topic list of an individual category. You’re able to add a headline, introduction, subheads, and lists containing text or links. The sidebar only appears on screens 768px or wider.

:link: Github repo:

:microscope: Preview: (Navigate to the “General” category)

:man_shrugging: How do I install a theme component?

Configuration options

You have the ability to set a category, choose left/right alignment, set a headline, introduction text, and add items to the list. List item formatting is somewhat strict in that you need to choose text or a link — this component will not render HTML or Markdown.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Interesting use case here is that you may want to include the same component multiple times in a parent theme with different configs… (eg diff sidebars depending on category)

(Hakan) #3

Is it possible to use it in multiple categories?

(Kris) #4

I could add the option to show the same sidebar across multiple categories (or all), seems reasonable.

(Hakan) #5

Yes, it will be fine. It would be nice to even show the sidebar of that category on the topic post. Like Reddit.

Edit: I mean. Each category will look like a category category and also category widgets will appear in the topic post. I think it would be great :slight_smile:

(Pad Pors) #6

can this sidebar also be used in the latest topic list?