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This topic is for following possible question about Simplified Chinese translation. Some information about terms may be included.


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  1. (时间问题)请问从翻译到进入代码库(codebase),一般要多久?(3天?)

  2. (流程问题)transifex 的 review 是什么意思?(我明白字面意思)

翻译是要 review 通过后才算正式接受?如果没有 review 就不会进入代码库?$/13698220?q=reviewed%3Ano

---- 更新 -----

时间问题已解决。我刚看到了这个,看来是每周都会自动 pull,无需人工干预。

(Erick Guan) #17

tests_passed 一般 1 - 2 周

现在拿来跟踪审计。发 stable 的时候就可以确认翻译统一不统一。

(Cheng Zheng) #18

Discoursecn 中文论坛(

Discourse Chinese forum is down (
for whole 3 day, please fix it

(Cheng Zheng) #19

是否可能让 Discourse 官方给中文社区一定的支持?比如免费的 discourse?

is it possible for Discourse official to support Chinese Discourse community?
for example free Discourse for discuss Discourse-relate topic like how to deploy it,
basic info, common problem etc, in Chinese.

make Discourse more popular in China.

Right now I think Erick Guan is paying for
(this website is down for 3 days now, 2018-4-27 to 2018-4-29)

@codinghorror Jeff Atwood, what you think?

I translate “Discourse Plugins Guide” part 1 to part 3 into Chinese and put them on
Original English post: Beginner’s Guide to Creating Discourse Plugins Part 5: Admin Interfaces

now the website is down, sad

(Jeff Atwood) #20

Maybe you can ask @fantasticfears

(Erick Guan) #21

JPush has helped the server for 2 years now. Thanks for letting me know. Everything backs to normal now.

BTW, thanks for your translation.

(Cheng Zheng) #22

Nice! Thanks!
You are welcome, I would keep translate Discourse from time to time.
my company is using Discourse now.