Simulate real Discourse traffic?

(Ryan Erwin) #1

How would you simulate real users on a Discourse site? My (very limited) understanding is that the Discourse front end is a single page JavaScript application making requests to the server… I’m trying to simulate real users to understand real peak load capacity.

Seems like simulating this something like curl isn’t so straight forward because you would need some intelligence in the client to know what to request next, correct?

Ideally I would like to simulate real posting/replying/reading by both logged in and anonymous users…

Any tips about where to start? Are there parts of the Discourse rspec suite that could help me simulate real users?

(Yihan "Misaka 0x4e21" X.) #2

How about Selenium or PhantomJS?

They generate DOM and run JavaScript like real browsers (they use real web engines), but scripts can be used to interact with the engine, automating what a browser user would do.

(Blake Erickson) #3

I would also recommend using

It is the latest/most modern headless browser and managed by the chrome team.